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Bioflow Watercare, 8 Goatstown Ave., Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland.  Tel. 00353(0)1 2964047 inquire@bioflowwatercare.com  

Bioflow Watercare has developed a range of sewage treatment systems for populations from 4 people to 300 people and can modify the systems to suit your site. Please click on the images below to view more information on each system and contact Bioflow Watercare with your requirements.

8pe system with extended neck
4pe system
8pe system
6pe system
6pe Biowflow Watercare System.pdf 8pe Biowflow Watercare System.pdf
Please click on system below for information.

4 person system €2,150

6 person system €2,300

8 person system €2,500

15 person system €4,500

25  person system €7,500

The above price include vat,

commissioning and delivery.

Single house treatment and pumping station system.

4pe Biowflow Watercare System.pdf 8pe Biowflow Watercare System, with extended neck.pdf